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Common Concerns When It’s Time to Downsize

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Have you ever considered downsizing?

While the idea may seem a bit daunting at first, the trade-offs of downsizing can be well worth it, including the ability to embrace a lock-and-leave type lifestyle to facilitate your evolving desires to travel and enjoy life.

As you explore your options for downsizing, here are some common concerns we assist our clients to address:

1) Do you need to pare down your belongings?

We partner with a network of sophisticated art consultants, professional organizers, interior designers and other experts who can help curate your current household possessions and collectibles by paring them down and determining suitability for your next home situation.


2) Do you have a prized wine cellar or other special area of your home you want to re-create?

Many luxury condos, lofts and chic homes these days have open layouts which allow for the creative use of space, including custom-designed glass wine cellars worthy of any private wine tasting or special occasion. High-end condos also commonly offer designated spaces for prized collections such as these within easily accessible areas of the building.


3) Are you concerned with how your pets may fare in a downsized living arrangement?

Most condos and neighborhoods cater to our furry friends these days in various ways so the possibilities here are endless, including the fact that many pets enjoy the companionship and exercise available at exclusive dog parks near their homes. If pets are central to your life, we will work with you to determine those needs and find a perfect fit.

In short, the Denver Luxe Team is here to help you take an in-depth look at the current market and at your specific lifestyle goals to help determine which neighborhoods, amenities and housing choices could be perfect for your particular time in life. Just think about it: Perhaps 2017 is the year to downsize your home and secure your ideal lifestyle.

Are you serious about downsizing? Contact Karina Christensen and the Denver Luxe Team at 720-440-2640. As local luxury real estate specialists with a distinctly global reach, we possess the experience, confidence and market savvy you require to secure your ideal lifestyle choices. 


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