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FEATURE FRIDAY: Griffith Interior Design Brings Forth the Art of Inspired Interiors

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Discovering a rare talent within the world of luxury interior design can often prove to be an obscure undertaking. Most design professionals seem to struggle to achieve a uniqueness of style and execution that decidedly recommends them to discerning high-end clientele.

Yet one boutique firm in Denver — Griffith Interior Design — has caught our eye recently for accomplishing and exceeding exactly this. With his impressive design portfolio, Colin Griffith deserves our attention, and the Denver Luxe Team is keen to shine the spotlight on his distinctive enterprise.

As Colin himself eloquently states, “A bespoke interior starts with Griffith Interior Design.” The magnetism between a client and their oasis is just the beginning…

Tailored to every aspect of a client’s lifestyle, each exclusive residence is designed to be the place to build memories, share, celebrate, and establish tradition; to be a family retreat, an escape, a place to call their own; to redefine one’s sense of living, by curating elements that bring personal and familial joy. In short, to bring space to life in a way that is always cherished yet never duplicated.

Clients find Colin to be creative, talented, professional, and with a high attention to detail at every turn. He is a consummate perfectionist, focused on creating the EXPERIENCE of design taken as a whole, and not just the look. His PASSIONATE pursuit of this double bottom line makes him an artist in his own right, and it makes his work rare and exceptional in every sense of the word.


Deer Valley Haven

Living a life in the East Coast fast lane, imagine you have just purchased a second home in the esteemed Deer Valley Resort area of the Rocky Mountains. Your family plans to spend the Christmas holiday at your new haven this year, and you have fully entrusted the interior design and execution to Colin Griffith. Surrounded by nature’s intimate beauty and majestic mountain views, the contemporary interior spaces call for the design of a quintessential Western retreat that redefines the five-star living experience…

Upon arriving at the threshold of your mountain home on Christmas Eve, you enter the impeccably decorated living space to find a warm fire burning in the massive fireplace; a fresh, towering evergreen tree awaiting your touch with ornaments at the ready on a nearby table; your favorite foods prepared and waiting on the counter and in the ice box; the outdoor pathway to a steaming hot tub shoveled and ready for your anticipatory steps to enjoyment…

These special final touches are but the cherry on top of your overall experience. The home itself is a masterpiece — a work of art — the perfect place to slow down and create fond memories. The effect of the distinctive interior design is one of intimacy and layered luxury: the textured wallcoverings, fabrics, and building materials give a sense of dimension to the space yet are classic and enduring in taste and style; certain imperfections incorporated within well-placed natural materials make the spaces feel handcrafted and cozy; classic furnishings, along with the placement of a few thoughtfully chosen artifacts and custom pieces, fill the home with warmth and a sense of sophistication. Your new home is the perfect combination of personal sanctuary and vacation bliss…

As with this Deer Valley haven, Colin will always go the extra mile for his clients to ensure the exquisite consummation and perpetual expansion of their EXPERIENCE. And it is this, perhaps above all else, which truly distinguishes him from his contemporaries.


919 S Garfield_22

Through creative interactions with Colin, it becomes clear that the connection between Griffith Interior Design and its valued clients is a journey. It is not just business; it is a relationship cultivated of trust and exploration, warm in discovery to honor the uniqueness, personality, and passions of each client. This is to be commended and recommended.

The execution between concept and fruition is a collaboration of Griffith Interior Design’s distinguished process, true skill, and their relationships with the best craftsmen throughout the world.

Griffith Interior Design: The Art of Inspired Interiors. Experience the passion, and visit to explore more of his urbane design projects and to reach out to Colin and his team.


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