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These 5 Colorado Ski Resorts Will Make You Move Here Now

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For some people, skiing is an activity they’re lucky to do once a season, or maybe even just a few times in their lives. For others, skiing is like a religion, and they’ll do whatever it takes to get to the slopes as much as possible. And, one way of reaching that dream is by moving to a destination that’s close to some of the world’s best ski resorts.

And, that destination is none other than the great state of Colorado! Home to the Fourteeners, the Centennial State is where you want to live in order to be close to all the action.

These Colorado ski resorts will make you want to pack up your things and move here now!

1. Vail Mountain Resort

Of all the beautiful ski resorts in Colorado, the Vail Mountain Resort has the perfect balance of skiing and relaxation. As one of the largest ski areas in the entire country at over 5,000 acres, you can come here year after year and still not ski all of it. (Hence, another reason to move to Colorado!) In addition to so many options when it comes to slopes, they also have a wide variety of cozy and comfortable accommodations to choose from. Not only will you have a sanctuary to relax in after a long day, you’ll also have access to plenty of shops and restaurants. Click here to search for homes in Vail

2. Telluride Ski Resort

If you want to go somewhere that you already know has an excellent reputation, then Telluride Resort is the place for you. Because of its magical town and vast terrain that skiers crave, there is really something for everyone here. Located in Southwest CO, you can spend the day hitting up the diverse slopes and the evening resting in the incredible, pet-friendly Mountain Lodge. Grab a drink at the lounge, enjoy delivery from local restaurants, or soak away in the hot tub. You can also take the gondola to the nearby Mountain Village, which is a foodie favorite, perfect if you love eating as much as you love skiing! Everything you’re looking for in a great ski resort can be found here. Click here to search for homes in Telluride

3. Aspen Snowmass

Aspen is a household name in the homes of ski lovers around the world. That’s because when you’re in Aspen, you will feel as though you’ve landed in another dimension; one where all your skiing dreams come true. Aspen Snowmass consists of four ski areas, coming together to provide different-leveled slopes for all kinds of skiers. Though, Aspen Snowmass is by far the largest of them all. This is not just a resort town, but a resort empire that will make you want to move to Colorado now!

People come from near and far not only to ride these world-class slopes, but also to make reservations at Aspen’s world-class accommodations. Stay at the Aspen Luxury Vacation Rentals or the Aspen Alps to have everything right at your fingertips. Aspen Snowmass is the fairytale you’ve been waiting for. It doesn’t get any better than this! Click here to search for homes in Aspen

4. Eldora Mountain Resort

Being “close” to a ski resort shouldn’t mean it’s a few hours’ drive away. “Close” should mean really close, and when it comes to the Eldora Mountain Resort, they’ve got you covered. If you’ve got a busy job and don’t have time to take ski vacations every week, then the Eldora Mountain Resort will be what convinces you to move to Colorado. The resort is located very close to both Denver and Boulder, and is thus very popular with those local communities. Let Eldora be your choice for a quick weekend getaway, whether you choose to stay overnight or to just do day trips with your season passes. Click here to search for homes in Nederland

5. Beaver Creek Resort

Karina Christensen of Denver Luxe Team says, “Luxury shouldn’t only exist in your house. You work hard enough that when you head out on vacation, you should expect that same level of comfort and luxury as you do at home. But, x10.”

And, at the award-winning Beaver Creek Resort, luxury will surround you at every corner of the slopes. This amazing resort is selling a lot more than just ski time. From gourmet restaurants and top-notch wine, to glorious accommodations and excellent service, this will be your incredible home away from home. And, another reason to move to Colorado now! Click here to search for homes in Beaver Creek

Did we mention there will be cookies waiting for you at the bottom of the slope?! If that’s not enough to convince you, then we don’t know what will!


To get you ready to hit the slopes, be sure to read this Comprehensive Ski Training Guide from Sports Fitness Advisor. It’s a multi-page guide on skiing that is packed with practical tips and advice.

Though Colorado certainly has a lot to offer, it’s no secret that one of the biggest attractions here are the ski resorts. Let Denver Luxe Team help you relocate here, and we’ll make sure you can get to the slopes whenever you get the urge!

Author: Hana LaRock

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