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Artistic Floors by Design: Art Is Not Just For Walls!

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October 2017 | Parker, Colorado

Founded by husband-and-wife-team Joe and Joni Rocco, Artistic Floors by Design embodies a passion for carefully crafted wood flooring as well as a commitment to be on the leading edge of aesthetics and trends in customized building products and materials. Yet the best part is, sharing this earnest passion and commitment with homeowners and with the community is an integral part of their business model!

The Denver Luxe Team has recently been exposed to (and fallen in love with) their work and with the niche they continue to carve out for themselves as a bespoke wood floor contracting business. We guarantee that by reading about what they do and who they are, more than one good idea of theirs will surely inspire you to bring art to life in your own home!

Artistic Floors by Design opened its doors for business 12 years ago, yet Joe has more than a quarter century of experience installing, sanding, and finishing solid wood floors throughout Colorado. In fact, he is Denver’s only Nationally Certified, Award-Winning Advanced Master Craftsman (National Wood Flooring Association). Lucky for all of us that Joe lives in Denver, and the keen business acumen Joni brings to the table amplifies their success in bringing their Art to Life!

As Joe puts it: “There is a perception that wood floors are a commodity product. I see them as an expression of style. My passion is providing our clients with art they can appreciate…and even walk across.”

The flooring in this well-loved social media image curves up to become the legs for this built-in, live-edge, hand scraped and oiled walnut bar top.

Superior Technical Skill and Artistic Design Produces Superior Results

“It’s safe to say that our floors are technically superior because we must adhere to national technical standards for installation and restoration work. We treat our customers’ homes as if they were our own,” says Joni, who manages all operations, marketing and client communications, and is actively involved in their local Chamber of Commerce.

“In the construction industry, it’s uncommon to find contractors who absolutely will not cut corners. In fact, in the state of Colorado, there are fewer requirements to become a wood flooring contractor than to become a hairdresser. I’ve heard Karina (Team Lead for the Denver Luxe Team) say the same thing for real estate agents! And a bad haircut doesn’t have nearly the impact on your wallet than a poorly installed wood floor will. We know this because we’ve torn out or made major repairs to several floors that didn’t meet installation standards over the years.”

Building a solid foundation for a home’s interior design is half the battle. No pun intended, but nailing down the definition of appealing aesthetics changes with each client. As Joni explains: “Our ideal customer plans to live in her home for years to come and wants to invest in a well-crafted, unique hardwood floor. The challenge for us is that most works of art fit on one wall or shelf; ours can span up to thousands of square feet, must withstand the challenges of traffic and time, and are as unique as our many clients request them to be.”

The owner of this home requested a dramatic entryway complete with custom-turned newel posts that mimicked the legs of a Restoration Hardware table.

Never Settle for Less: Achieve a Truly Unique Look for Your Floors

How unique is up to the customer: Joe and his employees are trendsetters using techniques far beyond stain in a can and basic polyurethanes to offer a variety of possibilities for discerning homeowners. Their international technical awards and abilities include:

  1. Three-dimensional and hand-carved hardwood flooring;
  2. Curved wood flooring; and
  3. The application of unusual textures, colorants, and finishes to enhance the interiors of homes ranging from modern to traditional and all design styles in between.

“We’ve been working on a variety of new ideas, sometimes introduced by our customers and sometimes dreamed up by our employees,” says Joe. “As a homeowner, you shouldn’t have to settle for ‘standard’ in any space. It’s my passion to invent and incorporate some of the latest bespoke building trends into our work: back-lit stairs and staircase landings, lighted handrails, and custom-cut, open newel posts.”

Bring Art to Life in Your Own Home

Discovering a rare talent in the construction industry can often prove to be an obscure undertaking. Most tradespeople seem to struggle to achieve a uniqueness of style and execution that decidedly recommends them to discerning high-end clientele. If you are seeking the perfect design professional for your bespoke project, you deserve to experience the level of expertise and resources that Artistic Floors by Design offers.

To get an authentic taste of what this dynamic duo is all about, listen to this thought-provoking interview Joe and Joni recorded in 2016 with Influence Ecology – the leading business education in transactional competence – which expounds upon the benefits of being a specialist in a highly commoditized industry: Don’t compete on price, compete by offering a variety of characteristics of value.

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Also, check out their YouTube video to get a true taste of their work!

Or simply get in touch with Joni at 720.988.3663. We promise you won’t regret it.

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