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Could Downsizing Be Right For You?

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When it comes time to consider making changes in your housing situation, downsizing might not be the first conclusion you come to. Yet have you ever considered it?

Once you get to a certain point in life, you can choose to stay in your present home, or you can choose to make good use of your investment and take the next step in your evolving lifestyle. Times are changing, and if you ask most people, they want life to be just a little bit simpler, thereby leading to an increased sense of fulfillment in life.  While the idea may seem a bit daunting at first, the trade-offs of downsizing can be well worth it, including the ability to embrace a “lock-and-leave” type lifestyle to facilitate your growing desires for jet-setting and adventure…both locally and abroad.

The Denver Luxe Team is here to help you take an in-depth look at your specific lifestyle goals and help determine which neighborhoods, amenities and housing choices could be perfect for your particular time in life, as you delight in your upcoming years and share in such joy with your family and neighbors in new and enticing ways. Downsizing gives you the chance to own that cool new condo, loft or chic luxury home that’s been catching your eye, to have less to clean and maintain (with regards to both home and yard), as well as to take advantage of the current “hot” local real estate market…and the list goes on!

Additionally, our team will support you by directing you towards targeted, local resources that can assist you with your downsizing efforts in both significant and small ways as needed – from helping you to clean, organize and determine the fate of your stuff, to planning for the safe transport of your most prized collections and items, to coordinating movers and other household help for moving day and beyond.

Looking at market conditions, 2017 in the Denver Metro area is actually a great time to downsize. For the first time in a while, price appreciation of homes is starting to go down; and since there is still a shortage of housing inventory, the resulting fast-moving market will help to sell your current home and get you into a new one with ease.

Spring is here and hence the peak season for the housing market has arrived! In the off season, homes take longer to sell and the sold prices are consistently lower, sometimes significantly. However, from Spring to September of each year the most homes are listed and sold, a trend that holds consistent for both condos and single-family homes.

If you are interested in exploring your options, allow us to help you take a deeper look at the current market and consider whether 2017 could be the year to downsize your home and secure your ideal lifestyle. 

Contact Karina Christensen and the DENVER LUXE TEAM at 720-440-2640. As local luxury real estate specialists with a distinctly global reach, we possess the experience, confidence and market savvy you require to secure your ideal lifestyle choices. 


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