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5 Exclusive Tips For Selling Your Luxury Home

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It’s finally come time for you to move onto the next chapter of your life. For you, it might mean it’s time to put your luxury home up for sale. Selling a luxury home is a little different than selling an ordinary home. Most of all, you want to make sure you get the most value for your home. In order to do that, you’re going to need to work with an expert real estate team that has experience with luxury listings.

Here at Denver Luxe Team, we have a crew of experienced professionals that can help you every step of the way when it comes to selling your high-end home. But, before you meet with us, read some of these tips for your own knowledge:

1. Make Sure Your Home is Priced Correctly

The biggest mistake a seller (or agent) can make when selling a luxury listing is pricing it incorrectly. You know very well (in general) how much your home is worth, and there’s no reason it should be priced any lower than its upper market value. Also, the higher it’s priced from the beginning, the more buyers will take it seriously. It doesn’t mean you can’t lower the price later if a deal comes in. But, don’t underestimate the value of your home.

There are a lot of factors that go into selling a luxury home, and every detail counts. Things like amenities can greatly influence the price of the home. If you work with us, we’ll make sure your home is priced correctly right from the very beginning. We want to make sure you get the most value out of your luxury listing.

2. Understand There’s No Limit To How To Market Your Home

Nowadays, there are so many ways to market a home, and you shouldn’t have to bank on a potential buyer just driving by your neighborhood to see that your home is available. When it comes to luxury listings, the marketing goes even further, to cater to the right audience. That means everything from the photos and video walk-throughs down to the description needs to be A+ quality. Additionally, where you post the ads for your luxury home is equally as important.

Our team has expertise in the Denver area. We have sold countless luxury listings through strong marketing efforts, and we will make sure we do the same for your home!

3. When You Sell The Home, You’re Also Selling the Lifestyle

Karina Christensen, our Team Lead, says, “A luxury home isn’t just about the home itself. It’s everything that comes with it. Much more than just the fancy home, buyers have a certain lifestyle they are either currently a part of, or they’re seeking. So, when you sell your home, it’s crucial that you sell the associated lifestyle as well.”

What makes your home’s location extra luxurious? Are there country clubs you can join, golf courses and tennis courts you can play at, and neighbors who live similarly? If so, this is something you want to highlight. Here at the Denver Luxe Team, we know just how important that lifestyle is to buyers, and we’ll be sure to draw attention to all the attractive aspects of your neighborhood.

4. Open Houses Might Not Be Successful, But Staging is Still Important

When it comes to open houses, one of the best methods to showcase a home, it’s a little different for luxury listings. Open houses aren’t always successful in the same way they are for ordinary homes, because sometimes the viewers aren’t actually serious about buying; they just want to get a glimpse into the lives of the wealthy.

That’s why we do exclusive open houses, where only the most serious buyers can come and take a look at the home. When that happens, we will make sure the house is staged to, again, show off the lifestyle that comes with the house. It isn’t just about putting up the right wall decor…it’s about showing the buyer what life will be like once they move in!

5. Wait for the Right Time and Be Patient

Selling an ordinary home is one thing, but selling a luxury home can present unique challenges that require perseverance and targeted knowledge. That’s why it’s important to remember two things. One, ask yourself, “Is this the right time to be selling my home?” In Denver, we’re lucky enough to have four seasons. But, if you’re trying to sell your beachfront home in the middle of the winter, you may not have many buyers.

Additionally, it’s important that you are patient. Remember, there are a lot less people out there that can afford a luxury listing over a regular home. You will get buyers, but they may come in more slowly. Though you can expect your home to be on the market a little longer, here at Denver Luxe Team, we will do our best to get your house sold in as little time as possible!

Do you need help selling your luxury listing? Then we’re the team for you. Contact the Denver Luxe Team to start the process today!

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Author: Hana LaRock

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