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6 Solutions To Getting Your House Sold When Your Listing Just Won’t Sell

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for saleYou and your family are ready to make a move somewhere else. You’ve been trying to get into a new house, a new apartment, and maybe even take on a new city. You already have a good idea of where you want to live, and all you’re waiting for is the next step: selling your current home. But, there’s one problem.

Your listing just won’t sell. Your house has been on the market for quite some time now, and for some reason, you’re not having any luck. It feels like your home is like a shelter puppy waiting to be adopted. You know it’s a good house and someone will fall in love with it. But WHEN?!

If your house just won’t sell, here are some solutions so you can move on sooner than later.

1. Ask Yourself if You’re in the Right Market

There’s a chance that your house may not be selling because the neighborhood you’re in isn’t currently in a seller’s market. Though there’s not much you can really do about this yourself, try to get in touch with experts or other sellers in the area and see what their approach is. If you are not in a seller’s market and you were expecting to sell your house right away, you may need to lower your expectations and go with the flow.

2. Update Your Advertising

When it comes to selling a house, or anything for that matter, your advertising can either go a long way or cause you to fall short. Take a look at your advertisements and compare them to other houses in the market in your neighborhood. Why are theirs getting more attention than yours? Perhaps you need to change the headline, the wording, the picture, or where you’re putting the advertisement altogether. People need to be able to see themselves in your home. Maybe a catchy title and pictures of people having fun in your awesome backyard is the trick.

3. Check if There’s Something You’re Not Seeing

One of the reasons you may be having trouble selling your listing is because of something you’re not seeing. Does the agent you’re using have a bad reputation? Does it show that your house has a lien on it even though it doesn’t? Perhaps there is something wrong that hasn’t come to your attention, but that other people seeing. Go in and check your property on websites as if you were the buyer, and see what’s coming up.

4. Change the Environment in the House

Are you “nose blind?” Maybe the reason your listing won’t sell is because your house smells! It may be hard to ask yourself, but if the first thing people are noticing when they walk inside is how bad it smells or how gloomy the entrance looks, it’s time to change that. Liven it up with some bright colors, add photos to the wall, bring in some flowers, light candles, etc. All these things will make potential buyers say “Wow!” instead of “Ow…”

5. Consider Lowering the Price

Karina Christensen of Denver Luxe Team says, “Often, the price is the one thing that people are not willing to negotiate. But if month after month the house is just not selling, you’ll seriously have to consider taking a price reduction; especially if you’re eager to start the next chapter of your life in your new home.”

There’s a reason people are not comfortable with that price. You have to be willing to meet them somewhere. And, if that number is just too high already, it can prevent people from coming to see the house in the first place.

6. Send in the Team

If you’ve tried all these solutions and you’re still not getting your house to sell, then you might need to give your home some TLC. Even if you’ve already invested some money in the home, it could just be one minor detail that’s preventing people from buying. Listen to what the potential buyers are saying, such as: “We’d need to change this wallpaper.” “I don’t like that sink at all.” “I love the house, but the kitchen just isn’t doing it for me.”  If you have a lot of potential buyers saying the same thing, you may need to go back in and fix up whatever that thing is.

The key to success: First impressions are important. Make sure the front of the house is nice, the yard is cleaned up, and there aren’t shingles falling off the roof.

The Denver Luxe Team wants to help you get into your next home as soon as you can. See how we can help.

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Author: Hana LaRock

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